Sunday, January 24, 2010

Andrew Cuomo Contemplating Run For NY Governor

It's not exactly unexpected or a surprise that current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is looking at a possible run for governor. He had been his father's campaign manager and is a huge force in state politics. He's also looking at all the unforced political errors made by current governor David Paterson and sees his opportunity.

A primary campaign between Cuomo and Paterson would inevitably bring up race as an issue, even though the real issues facing the state are the massive structural deficits caused by a state spending far more than its revenues could hope to bring in combined with an ever expanding tax reach; in a year when Paterson proposes a state budget about a billion dollars more than last year (less than 1% increase), much of the increase is the result of new and added taxes, including taxes on soft drinks and sugared beverages and a hike in court fees and the tobacco taxes.

The tax and spend habits of New York must change, and one can only hope that the gubernatorial elections can increase focus and awareness that this has to happen in order to improve the state's long term fiscal stability.

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