Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Toothless Copenhagen Deal

Go ahead and tout this all you want. It will do absolutely nothing to curb emissions one iota. There is no enforcement protocol and even if the nations of the world agree to it, President Obama still needs Congress to ratify any deal.

That's not a certainty, especially if the economics of Copenhagen are little different than that of Kyoto - a serious hit to the economy and GNP. That wont go over well with the constituents back home, especially in a recessionary environment.

Moreover, even with the cuts in emissions in the US, China will still be pouring carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in far greater rates.

Then, there's the $100 billion a year slush fund that rich nations will pay to poorer ones. It will result in little more than redistribution of wealth and allow thugs and despots to roll in dough while global emissions continue rising.

This "deal" makes it look like the various nations are doing something to stop global warming, but in reality, it only makes it appear that way.

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