Wednesday, December 02, 2009

NYC ACORN Supervisor Busted For Fraud

Should it surprise anyone that yet another ACORN worker is in hot water? Verizon has a small business incentive program for those who use the company's phone services. Donnett Davis signed ACORN up for the corporate rewards program using 10-20 phone lines, but kept the rewards in her own name. She also somehow managed to include 9,000 Department of Education phone lines in her rewards account, allowing the rewards to really add up. In all, she amassed $500,000 in merchandise through a corporate rewards program.

All of the alleged fraud took place while Donnett Davis was working for ACORN, and it continued while she was working for the Department of Education as a parent coordinator for the Acorn High School for Social Justice (which was a school founded as a partnership between the Department and ACORN.

ACORN itself claims that it engaged in no wrong doing.

I see it as yet another sign of the incompetent mismanagement by the organization and an ongoing failure in the character and judgment of those who work on the organization's behalf. It is an ongoing symptom of the moral and ethical flexibility repeatedly uncovered in even cursory examinations of the organization.

Davis should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, along with anyone else who aided her in the efforts to defraud Verizon's rewards program. She used the names of seven present and former ACORN workers to perpetrate her fraud.

The Department of Education isn't even eligible for the rewards program, which is meant for small business. Davis likely had help in securing the fraudulent rewards.

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