Friday, December 11, 2009

Madison HS Teachers Make Late Night Joke Rounds

You knew this was coming. The fact that two female teachers were caught in the midst of a romantic session by a janitor (who claimed that he thought that the duo were students, not staff) while the school was in the midst of the SING talent competition was bound to make the late night talk show circuit.

This is the kind of comedy that practically writes itself.
"Say what you will, this is the first time being a high school janitor has paid off," Letterman said on his CBS broadcast Wednesday.

"The teachers, in their defense, said it was show and tell."

On the West Coast, O'Brien also made hay of the alleged Sapphic shenanigans.

"The good news is, the two teachers won the talent show," he joked.

"The lesbian sex was between a Spanish teacher and a French teacher, which begs the question: Where was the field hockey coach?"

The gags did not go unnoticed by at least one of the teachers.

"I was even on Letterman," Mauro could be heard saying to a friend inside her Brooklyn apartment yesterday.

As she left her home, she sarcastically told reporters: "This is great. I love the paparazzi."

Mauro, 33, and Brito, 29, have been suspended from their jobs at the Brooklyn school and sent to a reassignment center, nicknamed the "rubber room."
The rubber room is getting a lot of additional attention this week as another Madison HS teacher was sent there after allegations arose of inappropriate conduct with a student, and another teacher, who made an infamous appearance on the MTV show Jersey Shore was put there after video showed him assaulting a woman.

Mauro and Brito deny the allegations. That's kind of tough to do seeing how they were caught in flagrante delicto.

A couple of teachers who are stuck in the rubber rooms are suing to get them eliminated claiming that they are unconstitutional and somehow deprive them of their rights. Sorry to break it to them, but they're lucky that those rooms exist because many of them should have been terminated and instead get to continue collecting their salaries for months on end while their cases get investigated and the union operates to delay the actions against the teachers.

Also at play is the fact that so few arbitrators are available to resolve cases that the cases have piled up.

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