Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Edison NJ Finally Gets Mass Transit Parking

Edison New Jersey has been clamoring for additional parking for NJ Transit trains heading to Manhattan along the Northeast Corridor for years. The waiting list was so long as to discourage people from taking the train altogether and instead driving into Manhattan.

All that has finally changed as NJ Transit will be unveiling a new parking lot with 477 parking spots. The funds apparently came from the 2009 ARRA stimulus porkfest, but in this instance, it is actually money well spent since it gets people out of their cars and onto trains to reduce congestion.

The new lot more than doubles the parking capacity at Edison.

It also makes one wonder how many parking lots could have been built had anyone in NJ Transit taken the opportunity to compare the cost of building the new lot $4.7 million to the millions spent on Mahwah Rt 17 which continues to remain severely underutilized or the Secaucus Transfer, which costs nearly $1 billion and which was originally built without a parking lot to facilitate people to commute to Manhattan by train instead of driving.

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