Friday, December 25, 2009

Carter's Nonapology Apology

Just what exactly is former President Jimmy Carter trying to say here?

And at the time he "apologizes" in the JTA, he went and had an op-ed published by the Guardian which once again slams Israel for the ongoing situation in Gaza, even though Hamas is fully to blame for the situation since they seek Israel's destruction and even Egypt wants no connection to Gaza. It's all too clear that Carter was trying to once again have it both ways and that he still finds Israel responsible and fully accountable for the situation.

Jewish groups aren't exactly lining up to take his apology
. After all, Carter actually went about writing a lengthy tome smearing Israel in claiming that Israel was operating as an apartheid state. Moreover, Carter has repeatedly shown himself willing to meet with Hamas terrorists on a regular basis and openly calls for Israel to make concessions that would undermine Israel's national security all while making no such requests on the very terrorists who seek Israel's destruction.

Carter also repeatedly attacked Israel over Operation Cast Lead, even though Israel was suffering from the results of thousands of rockets fired from Gaza by Hamas; a situation that Carter refused to recognize as the precipitating factor in the latest battle in the ongoing war against Israel's existence. His statements give aid and comfort to terrorists and undermine Israel's national security all while providing a propaganda coup for terrorists.

Reconstruction in Gaza, which Carter believes is still the responsibility of Israel, would occur if it was in Hamas' best interests to do so.

It is not.

Hamas would rather let the region continue in squalor since that is a source of its power. Hamas has no interest in governance; only in Israel's destruction. Hamas has the ability to end the refugee camps in Gaza, but has no interest in doing so since it perpetuates the grievance of the right of return, which is a naked attempt to overwhelm Israel via demographics.

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