Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Here Come Black Friday Ads

I know that Black Friday is a three weeks away, but the sales are leaking out online and comparison shopping for the best bargains is something I do well in advance to maximize my shopping experience.

Black Friday Ads
has some sales up for Sears, Lowes, Toys R Us, and Kmart. More will follow.

BFADS.NET also has listings posted.

Some analysts are warning that retailers' deep discounts will hit the bottom line hard and while they might entice more people to come through the doors, they may end up disappointed.
In the new era of tight budgets, consumers are looking for good value on the items they want and need. But instead, many analysts say retailers seem to be taking a different approach: offering ever-more extreme discounts on items they want to get rid of.

The super-low price method of offloading excess inventory has become so commonplace, even among higher-end retailers, that shoppers are coming to the conclusion that many products are just worth less, said brand analyst Robert Passikoff.

“It isn’t just that you learned that there will be sales — there will always be sales — but what it’s done is it ultimately affects the value perception of the product,” said Passikoff, president of the customer loyalty research firm Brand Keys.

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