Monday, October 05, 2009

Palestinian Authority Ratcheting Up Terror Quotient

If the first three intifadas ended in failure, what are the chances that a fourth being suggested by the Palestinian Authority will succeed? That's precisely the course of action that the so-called partners in peace in Fatah are pursuing.

They are lying about Israel to their brethren. They are lying about Israel's intentions to somehow Judaize what is already Jewish - the 3,000+ year connection to Jerusalem.

And they are more than willing to engage in violence to pursue their ideological goals.
The Palestinian Authority on Monday evening condemned Jerusalem's decision to restrict entrance to the Aksa Mosque compound on the Temple Mount, calling on Palestinians to confront Israel in light of the "Israeli aggression."

"We call on the Palestinian public to confront Israel and its plans, that are intended to prevent the Palestinian people from fulfilling their aspirations of establishing a Palestinian state in the occupied territories," read a statement issued by the government of PA Prime Minister Salaam Fayad in Ramallah.

The PA government publicly decried "Israel's attempts to conduct Jewish prayer services in the Aksa compound" and urged the world "to force Israel to halt is efforts to Judaize the city."
Palestinians have been stockpiling rocks on the Temple Mount to pelt Jewish parishioners praying at the Western Wall (Kotel) just below. The Israeli authorities have limited access to the Temple Mount precisely because they want to head off a violent confrontation, and that is now being treated as an act of violence, or somehow claiming that it is Israeli aggression.

Moreover, this most recent violent outbreak occurred because a group of Jews went onto the Temple Mount to pray; a location that is considered so sacred by Orthodox Jews that they don't dare step foot on the Temple Mount for fear of walking on the Holy of Holies - where inner sanctum of the Holy Temples once stood because they are ritually impure. These Jews who went on to the Temple Mount had the audacity to actually pray in a location that Arabs have attempted to rewrite history to eliminate the historical connection of Jews to the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, and Israel.

Abbas and the other Fatah thugs are continuing to push the nonsense that housing projects are an impediment to peace, when the only impediment is the fact that Israel doesn't have a honest partner in peace that actually wants a 2-state solution. Fatah, Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority have one goal in mind; the elimination of a Jewish state of Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian state over all else.

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