Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New ACORN Video Shows Philly Office In Action

Ah, the fresh smell of another ACORN office whose moral and ethical flexibility are on full display. This time, it's the ACORN office in Philadelphia.

I can't wait to hear Bertha Lewis try to explain this latest video away, claiming that this is yet another isolated incident and that it doesn't reflect on the organization as a whole.

Bob Owens notes that the video has been marked private, which suggests that Andrew Breitbart may have accidentally released the video early. Bob also notes the following:
ACORN Philadelphia Office Director Katherine Conway-Russell flat-out lied on camera to the media. ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis continues to lie to the media, claiming that these incidents are isolated. The media repeated their claims unquestioningly.

Now that ACORN has been exposed—yet again—as lying about their willingness to support the creation of brothels for the purpose of juvenile prostitution, will the media outlets that repeated those falsehoods decide to re-report on the truth of this story? Will they issue corrections?

Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe have shown the unedited footage from every ACORN visit they've made, from Baltimore, Washington DC, New York, San Bernardino, San Diego, and the unedited video from Philadelphia will soon be released. Other videos from other ACORN sting operations are rumored to be lurking in the wings.
Also, recall that ACORN has a spinoff political group the WFP, which has engaged in documented voter fraud in New York. This is a group that stinks to the core.

The video link has been updated as it is now operable, via Big Government.

Don't hold your breath to wait for Media Matters or other media outlets to issue corrections and retractions of their claims that this was merely an isolated incident and in particular, how the Philadelphia office managers lied about their activities and conduct, particularly in light of the video released today showing their complicity.

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