Sunday, October 25, 2009

Corzine Hopes Money and Star-Power Helps Win Reelection

Incumbent New Jersey governor Jon Corzine is hoping that current and former Presidents and a whole lot of money help him achieve his goal of reelection.

President Barack Obama will be in New Jersey for the third time this year to stump for Corzine. Former President Bill Clinton will make two more appearances. Obama Administration officials, including various Cabinet Secretaries, will be in the state stumping for Corzine.

And Corzine will continue expanding on his 3-1 spending advantage against GOP candidate Chris Christie with still more negative advertising to try and win in New Jersey despite an economy that is in the crapper and a fiscally irresponsible budget situation.

Despite Corzine's efforts, Christie and Corzine are virtually tied in the polls.

After dozens of attack ads, Corzine finally ran a personal ad that didn't involve attacking Corzine. It was actually effective, recalling Corzine's service in the US Marine Corps, and claims that he supports education and economic growth. It's clearly targeted at independents, who make up the largest election bloc in the state, but the facts go against Corzine at every turn.

Corzine ran up state budgets year after year, and the current year budget was only brought into balance as a result of $2 billion in federal stimulus money. Abbott district restrictions were finally lifted, an actual achievement in the state, but not because of reduced spending, but massively expanded spending in include other districts other than the 30+ districts originally included in Abbott district funding. Such spending is unaffordable and throwing money at the problem - students that aren't achieving - hasn't generated results. It has, however, helped out the teachers unions, which is a political calculus that helps Corzine.

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