Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Westboro Baptists Protesting In NYC Again

This group of haters is coming to New York City again, and will be setting up protests in front of Brooklyn Tech (one of the top high schools in the city) and four Brooklyn synagogues.

The group, which has protested outside funerals for US service members killed in service to the nation, and various gay and lesbian groups, has picked out a protest against a Jewish congregation the day before the holiest day on the Jewish calendar - Yom Kippur. They did it on purpose too:
And a press release distributed by the group on Wednesday morning suggests that the protests are timed to ruin the Jewish New Year.

“Memo to evil [ones],” the release states, “No ‘Shana Tova’ for you!”

It goes on to blame Jews for pretty much everything: “You have filled modern Jewry with abominations, forsaken God and broken His covenant,” it states. “You thought the curses of the past year were bad (financial collapse, Madoff swindle, war in Gaza, Holocaust Museum shooting, Beast Obama in the White House, and more), but you haven’t seen anything yet!”

A church spokeswoman, Shirley Phelps-Roper, said the rallies were not anti-Jewish or anti-gay.

“How about we call it an ‘Obey your God’ rally?” she said. “You Jews and gays have got to put away your false gods, your idols and your filthy way of life.”

She added that “God hates the disobient.”

“We picked these weekends because these are the high holidays,” she said. “You Jews broke the covenant with God. The day is near. The beast is going to bring the nations to march upon Jerusalem. Your houses will be destroyed and your women ravaged. It’s going to make the Holocaust, the Babylonian captivity and the destruction of the Temple look like a tea party.”

Preaching this message on Saturday, church members will hit Congregation Beth Elohim at the corner of Garfield Street and Eighth Avenue at 9:45 am, Union Temple on Eastern Parkway near Grand Army Plaza at 10 am, and the Kane Street Synagogue in Cobble Hill at 12:30 pm.
The rally outside Brooklyn Tech might get interesting as a counter protest appears to have gotten itself organized to rally against the hate.

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