Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Guilty Pleas For Jersey City Duo In Massive NJ Corruption Bust

This is the first of what I expect to be a torrent of guilty pleas with federal prosecutors over the massive corruption bust that nailed 44 politicians, political bigwigs, and others in a sprawling corruption bust:
Two Jersey City officials are expected to plead guilty today in connection with the large corruption investigation that resulted in 44 arrests in July.

Guy Catrillo, a member of the Mayor's 'Action Bureau' and Maher Khalil of Jersey City's Health and Human Services Department are expected in federal court in Newark. A spokesman for the US Attorney's office would only say two unnamed officials would be making a court appearance.

The duo are expected to plead guilty, according to two sources. An FBI spokesman declined comment. Defense attorneys Michael Pedicini and Michael Koribanics did not immediately return calls as their offices said they were en route to the federal courthouse.

Khalil is charged with taking $30,000 in bribes while Catrillo is accused of taking $15,000 in improper payments. An FBI informant had posed as a developer willing to make illegal payoffs.
I would expect that they are naming names to lessen their own sentences and are cooperating with authorities. That's usually how such things are done, which means that it provides an incentive to turn state's evidence ahead of others so that you're not the one holding all the dirty laundry. With so many players, there's added incentive.

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