Monday, March 30, 2009

NJ In Fiscal Crisis; Corzine Set To Extend In-State Tuition to Illegal Aliens

This is the obscene political world in which these open borders Democrats live in. New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine had a panel look into the illegal alien issue, and has concluded that the way to deal with them is to bury their head in the sand and integrate illegal aliens into the towns and cities, including extending these illegal aliens the right to obtain higher education at state schools at the in-state tuition rates.

They're more than willing to tax everyone for their grandiose plans that never seem to live up to their expectations (and would succeed but for the lack of funds), and now are more than willing to grant in-state tuition to illegal aliens at a time when they're pushing tax hikes and other tax and spend programs.

Stop this insanity. These are illegal aliens who would be getting what amounts to a $10,000 subsidy per year over what out-of-state tuition would be at state schools. A New York resident seeking to go to Rutgers couldn't get the in-state tuition rate, but an illegal alien could. United States citizens from outside New Jersey couldn't get the deal that Corzine is offering illegal aliens.

That's money that the state can't afford to give away to its own residents, let alone illegal aliens.

Then, there's the whole issue of extending illegal aliens the privilege of drivers licenses, which are a foundation document on which identity theft can be based and which criminal enterprises will take advantage of. In fact, one of the little known facts about 9/11 is that several of the hijackers on 9/11 obtained fraudulent drivers licenses from state motor vehicles agencies, enabling them to board the airliners that fateful morning. The DHS is not going to sit idly by as New Jersey tries to circumvent the protections put in place after 9/11 to prevent a repeat event, but that's not stopping Corzine's committee from proposing just that.

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