Friday, November 16, 2007

Whiplash Spitzer Strikes Again

He's going for a new record with a whiplash incident per day.

Today's latest whiplash incident? He wants to make gay marriage a priority and that's despite claiming during his election campaign that he wouldn't make it a top priority.

The NY Post reports the following:
Gov. Spitzer said at a private fund-raiser that he wants a Democratic-controlled state Senate to legalize gay marriage - a highly divisive and controversial issue - as one of its first priorities in 2009, a witness to the remarks told The Post.

Spitzer, a gay-marriage proponent, pledged to help Democrats next November win the three Senate seats they need to gain the majority.

"One of the first things we're going to do when [Senate Minority Leader] Malcolm Smith is [majority] leader is gay marriage," the witness recounted Spitzer as telling some 60 people who paid up to $10,000 each to attend the event in Greenwich Village Wednesday night.
Given that he's screwed up royally, he must figure that acting on gay marriage is a way to restore faith with the base.

Of course, Spitzer's office quickly spun the event:
Spitzer spokeswoman Christine Anderson denied the governor said a Democratic-controlled Senate would make gay marriage a top priority. She said his reference to the Assembly passing a gay-marriage bill "was the line greeted with applause."
Let's note that gay marriage is not a front burner issue in New York by any stretch of the imagination. It does, however, mean that Spitzer gets to ignore the state's crushing debt load, fiscal irresponsibility, and ongoing probes into corruption and possibily illegal actions in the Governor's Office on the Second Floor in Albany.

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