Monday, November 26, 2007

Paris Burning Again: UPDATED - Riots Underway Second Night

Once again, the youths of unidentified extract are rioting in Paris. They're busy torching cars and getting into scrums with police. The situation is again ready to overwhelm police, and this is a major test for French President Sarkozy, who is coming off a significant achievement in dealing with the French transit unions.
The tally on Sunday’s punk jihad outburst is heavy and rising.

Twenty-five policemen injured, dozens of cars burned, shops destroyed, individuals assaulted. Blind with rage, the rampaging mob found time to steal before smashing and burning. For the brother of Mushin, one of the victims, “it’s not violence, it’s an expression of rage.”

Journalists are unwelcome, often assaulted, but they are getting the story out.

According to concurrent reports, the rage broke out immediately. The police claim the motorcycle ran into their patrol car at an intersection; the enraged know better—the police car in hot pursuit of the innocent boys, Moushin and Larami, smashed into their motorcycle. Moushin’s uncle was outraged because the bodies were left lying in the fire station. But it seems that the forces that came to pick them up had to turn back because they were attacked. The boys had gone out to do a little bit of rodeo, a favorite sport in the banlieue projects. Le Parisien posted You Tube videos filmed by reckless kids.
Again, the violence has resulted in torchings and looting:
A police station in the town of Villiers-le-Bel was set on fire and another one in neighbouring Arnouville was wrecked.

The Arnouville-Villiers-le-Bel train station was also damaged.
This report suggests that the police chief tried to negotiate with the bystanders, and was beaten for his efforts.
Tension was palpable Monday as sanitation workers swept broken glass and other debris off the streets of Villiers-le-Bel. Many people predicted more violence after nightfall.

In Sunday's violence, eight people were arrested and 21 police officers were injured — including the town's police chief, who was beaten in the face when he tried to negotiate with the rioters, a police official said.
Others tracking the latest rioting in Paris and the banlieus include: Michelle Malkin, Tel Chai Nation, hyscience, James Joyner, and snapped shot.

No Pasaran [link added] is also providing some coverage.

Night two of the Paris riots is underway.
Rampaging youths threw Molotov cocktails and torched cars in a troubled neighborhood outside Paris in a second night of street violence Monday after two teenagers on a motorbike were killed in a crash with a police car.

Anger focused on police, with residents claiming that officers left the scene of Sunday's crash without helping the boys — a claim officials cast doubt on but which the police were investigating.
Again, no number of vehicles torched in this report, and they're trying to pin the blame on the police for another unfortunate incident involving teens killed by police. The default setting in these communities is to riot and issue demands.

More on tonight's riots here.

Video hat tip courtesy of Ashamed to be Dutch at LGF:

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