Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rebuilding at Ground Zero, Part 1

As the construction and progress at Ground Zero has finally overtaken all the infighting and jostling for position on rebuilding at Ground Zero, it is time for me to bring my ongoing series on the Battle for Ground Zero to a close. The photos that I'm presenting here over the next few days are a sign of things to come, and help show what has happened at Ground Zero and where we're headed.

Without further ado, here are more photos:

This is the gleaming facade of 7WTC, which was built by Larry Silverstein and completed last year. It was built without the layers of red tape that have dogged the rest of Ground Zero and is well on its way to becoming a commercial success. 7WTC has spurred other developers to get in on construction around Lower Manhattan as you will soon see.7WTC facade from Greenwich St by Lawhawk 2007 

This is another view of Fiterman Hall. The building was severely damaged by the collapse of 7WTC, which itself was severely damaged by the collapse of the Twin Towers. It is owned by CUNY, which means that the City and State of New York have to figure out what to do next. Governor Pataki, Mayor Bloomberg, and now Gov. Spitzer have all failed to come up with a plan to deal with Fiterman Hall, so it sits as a blight against the skyline.

Fiterman Hall damage from Greenwich St - looking North by lawhawk 2007 

The following two photos are close up details of 7WTC, including the video screen that runs behind the lobby and transmits a variety of messages. The second photo shows the stylized 7 built into the steel skin of the tower. 7WTC by lawhawk 2007 

7WTC by lawhawk 2007 

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