Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Craig Shows Lack of Restroom Restraint

Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) didn't get the memo on how to take a proper mug shot from Tom DeLay. If you smile for the camera, you can somewhat diffuse the impact. Instead, he is all glum. Actually, you can't blame him for looking glum.

He got himself into this kerfuffle, and has only himself to blame. He's the one who put himself in a position to "proposition" [ed: added quotes in update to reflect nebulous claims made in complaint] an undercover cop engaged in a sting operation at an airport restroom. It also makes one wonder how many other times Craig engaged in such behavior before being caught.

The Smoking Gun has all the lurid details. But was what Craig did actually illegal? There are some good points in there. Does what Craig is alleged to have done constitute criminal actions? At this point, I don't think it matters because he entered a guilty plea on the charges. That's why his political future is murky at best and the inevitable swarm calling for investigations has begun.

Memeorandum has the rundown of who wants what out of all this. There are quite a few who want Craig to resign effective immediately. Some don't want him running again. I've yet to come across any who actually defend the guy. It's a pretty lonely place to be.

I'll restate what I wrote yesterday, since nothing has actually changed except the increased coverage of the story - the sleazebags in Congress need to be purged and need to be held accountable for their actions.

Craig will be holding a presser at 4pm.

Well, that was illuminating. He says he isn't gay.

Big deal.

Do I care whether Sen. Craig swings one way or the other? Should you? Should anyone? That's not what is upsetting about this incident. The overt attempts to avoid any kind of legal entanglements by using his Senatorial position is. He was abusing his position of power to avoid possible criminal action. That's reprehensible and he should seriously reconsider running for reelection next year. Voters should take heed of this indiscretion - both the criminal act to which he pleaded guilty (notwithstanding the nebulous criminal acts alleged) and the abuse of power.

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Good observation.

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