Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Latest Lies From Hamas and Fatah

Moderate President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah has been trying to coax his Hamas rivals into endorsing the document, which calls for a Palestinian state alongside Israel, in effect recognizing the Jewish state. He has endorsed the plan as a way to end sanctions against the Hamas-led Palestinian government and pave the way to reopening peace talks with Israel.

"We have an agreement over the document," said Ibrahim Abu Najah, coordinator of the "national dialogue" over the proposal.

The plan also calls on militants to limit attacks to areas captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast War and calls for formation of a coalition Palestinian government.

The United States, Israel and European Union list Hamas as a terrorist group because it rejects the existence of Israel and has sent dozens of suicide bombers into the Jewish state, killing hundreds.
In other words, this does nothing to improve Israel's security. It says that Hamas and Fatah are free to continue launching attacks against Israelis living in the West Bank, and do so until the West Bank is judenrein (Jew free).

This is such a sham that it boggles the mind. We've got terrorists who are imprisoned in Israeli jails trying to broker a deal between rival terrorist groups who when not plotting to kill Israelis are busy trying to kill each other for control and dominion over the Palestinian controlled areas in Gaza and West Bank.

The document is the latest in a long line of documents that refuse to deal with the true underlying problem in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict - namely that the Palestinians refuse to explicitly accept Israel and continue their ongoing calls for Israel's destruction.

Nowhere is it stated that Hamas would have to revoke their charter provisions calling for Israel's destruction, nor does the latest document call for the revocation of the PLO charter provisions calling for Israel's destruction.

This is a strategic document designed to lull those foolish enough to believe that the Palestinians are serious about peace with Israel into making a deal that gives away Israeli security under the rubric of peace.

Israel would neither get peace, nor security by going down this route.

We should see this latest presser from the Palestinians for what it is. It's nothing more than a momentary diversion to keep the IDF from going through Gaza like a hot knife through butter to not only recover their missing soldier, but to deal with the ongoing terrorist threat/low intensity war between the Palestinian terrorists running the place and Israel.

MSNBC thinks that this is some kind of breakthrough. Sorry, but it's nothing of the kind. This would be an agreement between two terrorist groups about what approach they should take in taking apart Israel piece by piece. Nowhere does it recognize Israel's right to exist, nor does it provide security guarantees to Israelis living in the West Bank. Indeed, the document declares Israelis and IDF forces in the West Bank and Jerusalem fair game for their terrorist attacks.

And it wont stop the terrorists from attacking Israel directly either, as witnessed by the attack earlier this week where an Israeli soldier was kidnapped, and the news that an Israeli civilian was kidnapped earlier today.

There's a bunch of folks blogging the expected Israeli response to the ongoing violence perpetrated against them by the terrorists in Gaza.

The Moderate Voice, who notes that the Palestinians keep doing more to push Israel into responding with massive and overwhelming force.

Israel rules out a prisoner release. Well, no kidding. Any such release would only encourage further kidnappings of Israelis to secure the release of terrorists in Israeli custody. That's a completely untenable situation, as Michelle Malkin notes.

Meryl Yourish counsels Israel to take the action that's necessary - go into Gaza:
Imagine that Mexico was firing rockets on San Diego every day. Imagine that this happened in San Diego. Now imagine what the reaction from the government would be, and tell me why Israel is not allowed to do what any other sovereign nation would do.

Olmert needs to send the troops into Gaza. Olmert needs to tell Hamas that if the rockets don’t stop, no member of Hamas will be able to sleep in the same bed two nights in a row.

Funny how Kofi Annan doesn’t seem to think that daily rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel is worthy of a condemnation statement.

Well, no, not really. What time is it? Why, every time that question is asked, no matter what time it is, it’s Israeli Double Standard Time.
Carl in Jerusalem thinks Defense Minister Peretz should resign over his apparent incapacity to deal forcefully with the terrorists in Gaza.

Dave Bender seems some interesting parallels between the events leading up to the Six Day War and today, including questions about IDF leadership, the strain of command, and holding the fate of the entire country in one's hands where the wrong decision could been the annihilation of the state of Israel.

Add Pastorius from the Infidel Bloggers Alliance to the list of those who think the so-called agreement between Hamas and Fatah is nothing but blowing smoke.

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