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Shifting Excuses and Analysis

Right off the bat, I'd just like to thank all those who have taken the time to read through my postings on Kennedy. It's quite interesting to see that a Kennedy scandal resulted in more page views and hits to this humble blog than anything else I've ever written. I'm kind of torn over why this is the case because of the postings over the past few days that should get people talking, I thought it should be the ongoing discussion of the WTC memorial and how the costs are expected to top $1 billion while the politicians are trying to cap the costs at $500 million.

The Kennedy cachet must trump all else. It's influence is far more powerful than even the vast right (or left) wing conspiracy.

Now, ABC News is reporting that the Capitol Police are conducting multiple investigations - both into Kennedy's actions and how and why the Capitol Police let Kennedy walk away from the scene without being arrested.
Capitol Police have taken disciplinary action in relation to the handling of the response to Rep. Patrick Kennedy's car accident, acting Capitol Police Chief Christopher McGaffin said.

McGaffin said the incident was improperly delayed due to "poor judgment" on the part of police managers and that a field sobriety test should have been administered to Kennedy after his car hit a barrier near the Capitol at 2:45 a.m. on Thursday.
Expect heads to roll at the Capitol Police as they try to get their house in order. This is a major scandal for the Capitol Police at a time when they can ill-afford to deal with one. They're already coming off a dustup between an officer and Rep. Cynthia McKinney. McKinney appears to have been on to something when she said that white members of Congress would not have been treated the way she was. I think she ought to have specified that members of the Kennedy clan would not have been treated the way she was. But, as I've stated in the past - none of the members of Congress should have been allowed to avoid going through metal detectors. It's as much for their safety as for the safety of everyone doing business in the government buildings that they are entering.

The Capitol Police's treatment of Kennedy was disgraceful and unprofessional. It wasn't about extending professional courtesy, but providing convenient cover for illegal conduct. And Kennedy has yet to truly own up to his behavior given the jumble of contradictory statements uttered and issued by Kennedy.
U.S. Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy (D-R.I.) seemed to remember a good bit about his Thursday morning car accident on Thursday evening. But by Friday afternoon, his memory was failing.

THURSDAY: “Following the last series of votes on Wednesday evening, I returned to my home on Capitol Hill and took the prescribed amount of Phenergan and Ambien, . . .Some time around 2:45 a.m., I drove the few blocks to the Capitol complex believing I needed to vote. Apparently, I was disoriented from the medication. At that time, I was involved in a one-car incident in which my car hit the security barrier at the corner of 1st and C St., SE.”

“At the time of the accident, I was instructed to park my car and was driven home by the United States Capitol Police. At no time did I ask for any special consideration, I simply complied with what the officers asked me to do.”

FRIDAY: “I simply do not remember getting out of bed, being pulled over by the police or being cited for three driving infractions. That’s not how I want to live my life. And that’s not how I want to represent the people of Rhode Island.”
What is the latest excuse or explanation of events? And there are still serious questions arising from his car accident in Rhode Island two weeks ago. Again, driving under the influence may have played a role.

All Things Conservative thinks that some of the reactions on both sides of the aisle have been extremely distasteful. From the gleeful gloating on the right, to the defenses offered up by the Left.
Republicans should not attack him, or try to take political advantage of the situation, and the Democrats shouldn't defend his actions. Both sides should say that it is clear Patrick has a problem, and that he should get help for it. That is all. In my humble opinion, a cover-up will only guarantee that Patrick won't seek the help he needs, and the same goes for attacks on him.

I found the Left's reaction to the news that Rush Limbaugh was a drug addict to be disgraceful, and whatever Republicans do, they should not act the same way here.

I have also heard some express surprise and outrage that a cover-up could be in the workings, but personally I would be surprised if there wasn't a cover-up. That is how the Kennedy clan always acts when one of their own does something wrong. Patrick should receive help for his problem, and then his constituents will be given the opportunity to elect someone else to represent them during the next election.
Dan Riehl slams Kennedy and his enablers who are essentially giving Kennedy a pass. He suggests that Kennedy should resign because an addict has no place in government to make key decisions on issues facing the nation. He'll return from his stint in rehab, and resume the same kinds of behaviors until the next time, in which case he'll call it a relapse and begin the cycle anew. He needs a true intervention, and that's not what we're witnessing now, which is really avoidance of the consequences of his actions.

Sister Toldjah weighs in.

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