Thursday, March 30, 2006

Coalition Building

The results of the Israeli elections are being tabulated and the seating arrangements in the Knesset are being made. Likud was the big loser in the election, and their influence has been slashed drastically.

Others analyzing the elections include Atlas Shrugs, who is down on the Israelis' survival instincts and thinks that the low turnout, combined with the low total of seats for Kadima suggests that new elections may be called within 18 months (if this election holds to prior patterns). And she issues a warning for the US polity in 2006/2008 if the US follows the Israel example.

Meanwhile, Labor is considering forming a social welfare bloc worth 40 seats when combined with Shas and Gil. A social welfare bloc? Are you kidding me? I know that issue politics is serious business and all, and Gil is essentially a one-trick party, but this boggles the mind.

One has to seriously question the priorities when you've got parties looking to form coalitions on social welfare and not on national defense given the threats arrayed against Israel.

The other ministerial portfolios are also under discussion, and the various parties are jockeying for position.

These back room deals will continue up until Kadima and the other various parties are able to form a government.

Here's the final count of how each of the parties did, including their slates. Members from the slate become members of the Knesset, and some may end up as ministers of the various portfolios. Often it is the deals for portfolios that drives the coalition building process.

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