Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tick Tick Tick

Just in case the seriousness of the situation didn't get your attention, let's lay this out for you in black and white.

Iran is going to get the nuclear materials necessary to build nuclear weapons, regardless of what the UN or the IAEA says or does. Iran is going to join the nuclear weapons club sooner rather than later. On this, there is no doubt. They have the equipment necessary to enrich uranium and they're going to produce the enriched uranium in quantities necessary to build nuclear weapons. It is only a matter of time before they announce to the world that they've gone nuclear.

And Iran is run by a bunch of unhinged and deranged leaders who would sacrifice their entire country's population if only to start Armageddon. This isn't a situation where the US and Soviet Union knew that they were dealing with mostly rational folks at the controls of the bombs and missiles facing them.

Iran has publicly and repeatedly declared that they will use nuclear weapons against their enemies. Israel is only one of the named enemies. But Israel is far from the only one. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, and pretty much every nation within 1,000 miles is a target.

It doesn't really matter how we got to this point, but we must deal with the situation as it is now - a nation that is hellbent on acquiring nuclear weapons is on the threshold of obtaining that capability and they've got itchy trigger fingers.

Ace and The Jawa Report both pick up the fact that the Iranians are going to be resuming their nuclear programs at the Natanz nuclear facility. Ace properly notes that nothing short of military force is going to dissuade Iran from getting the bomb. They've already committed themselves to this course of action, and they're further complicating matters by working on putting those nuclear bombs that they'll soon have on those missiles I've been warning about for a while now.

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