Sunday, December 04, 2005

Debunking Terrorist Videos

Terrorists just love making videos. It's a great recruitment tool and they know that media outlets just eat 'em up. Without the slightest hesitation to put up the videos, and taking at face value the captions provided by the terrorists.

Which media outlets are the worst offenders: al Jazeera for sure. But other media outlets in the US don't particularly mind the videos, especially if they show bad news. They'll often add a qualifying statement that the contents of the video can't be confirmed, but they'll run it anyway. Instead of doing the work of trying to verify the videos, they simply run a wimpy weasel worded qualifier.

So, when 10 Marines were killed in a massive IED explosion in a courtyard this week, the terrorists put together a video showing a HUMVEE coming under attack and Iraqis running for their lives through smoke and debris flying through the air. al Jazeera quickly claimed that this video showed the 10 Marines being killed.

FoxNews had none of this. They brought out a US Colonel who debunked the video. al Jazeera has since added weasel words to their video clip, but still runs it nonetheless. The US military has also publicly stated that the facts surrounding the death of those Marines does not match the video.

It's a completely different incident, but for anyone who doesn't want the US to win, who cares.

Meanwhile, an earlier video that claimed to show that the terrorists were running around without fear of being attacked in Ramadi doesn't actually show what you think it does. Rusty has more on the earlier video.

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