Thursday, November 03, 2005

On the Eighth Day, They Rioted Some More

Paris is still burning with eight straight days of rioting. And the New York Times is still AWOL.

No Pasaran has much more on the rioting.

The rioting appears to be intensifying. And still the New York Times acts as though the rioting isn't going on. A few other people have observed that the rioting will only be picked up by the Times when a few of the rioters are killed, in which case the situation will be thrown on to the front cover as an example of what happens when an intolerant government does not act in the best interests of all the people.

In other words, the Times will cover this story only when they can spin it to the disadvantage of the current Administration. Meanwhile, they're running a front page story online about George Carlin still being relevant at age 68. Hey, I'm a huge Carlin fan - even saw him in Vegas and sat in the front row, but does the Times really think that a retrospective on a comedian is more important than a European capital aflame due to incessant rioting for days at a time?

Roger L. Simon has some first hand reporting from Paris and the tales aren't good at all. The French government is bracing for even more bad news with rioting spreading beyond where it already has occurred. They're reinforcing security at transportation centers around the city, and not just with the regular cops, but with heavy weapons units.

Others covering this story: La Shawn Barber, Justify This, Rob Port of Say Anything, Blogs of War, Don Surber, Meryl Yourish, and Below the Beltway. And as bad as we think things are, it might be even worse.

Ace of Spades notes that the rioting has spread to 20 towns. And Captain Ed notes that even the Nazis didn't actually burn Paris to the ground as they retreated back to Germany during World War II, though they did actually consider it:
What von Choltitz preserved, Paris' own Muslim population appears intent on destroying now. For a full week, night has brought riots and destruction to the City of Light, while the French government seems paralyzed and unsure about how to stop it. It started when French police investigated a robbery in an area known to law enforcement as a "no-go" area, one in which even police dare not intrude on Islamist territory
The French may have made their own bed, but we're going to be dealing with the repercussions of this mess for a long time to come. The French must get their house in order and stop this rioting, or the problems down the road throughout Europe are going to be far worse than most people can imagine.

Point Five sees the humor in the French riots as only he can. Ipso Facto has his own comic take.

The Jawa Report is also on the case.

So is Cox and Forkum. A bad moon rising. Indeed.

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