Sunday, September 25, 2005

Palestinians Go Ga Ga For Missiles

BARELY two weeks after Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip, the area erupted into violence over the weekend as Islamic militias launched 40 missiles into Israel, which responded by resuming assassinations, as the two sides sought to set new ground rules in the wake of the pullout.

Four alleged Hamas operatives were killed on Saturday when helicopters fired missiles at two cars in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, the area from which missiles aimed at the Israeli town of Sderot had been launched. In this and other Israeli air attacks against weapons facilities and other Hamas targets, 17 Palestinians, most of them civilians, were wounded. Six Israeli civilians were lightly wounded in the Palestinian attacks.

For the first time, Israel moved artillery into position at the edge of the Gaza Strip and warned that it would use it if necessary.
The Palestinian terror groups know that they're out gunned and out manned if the Israelis do launch an offensive to snuff out the terror groups. They can only hope to be portrayed as martyrs and the underdogs by a sympathetic international media.

Actually, the terror groups can do more than count on the media; they know that the media carries their message effectively and thoroughly. Why can I say this? Simple.

Just look at history. The Palestinians can lie, exaggerate, and pull the wool over the media and world's attention and get away with it until the myth and the fact are indistinguishable as far as most people are concerned.

I'm not most people.

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