Friday, February 01, 2008

Hamas' Invasion of Egypt Continues

Early Friday, Egyptian troops poured cement and laid down metal spikes around various breaches to try to choke off the flow of vehicles through gaps in the 12-kilometer-long (7-mile-long) border. They also sent dozens of riot police to the area.

The Hamas prime minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, said his Islamic group would not allow the border to be resealed.

"The Palestinian people have many options," Haniyeh was quoted as telling the pro-Hamas daily Palestine in an interview published Friday. He did not elaborate.

Shortly after, Hamas gunmen dragged away metal spikes that had been placed at the main breach. Egyptian soldiers, who have been avoiding confrontation with Hamas, removed the remaining obstacles there.

Witnesses also reported that a Hamas bulldozer shoved aside spikes at a gap about 100 meters (110 yards) to the east.
Dozens of riot police to attempt and contain the flow of tens of thousands of Palestinians? Egypt has all but conceded that they can't control their own border with Gaza but they're putting on a show to claim that they're doing something.

This, however, deserves the laugher of the day because it's right on more levels than the Palestinians care to admit:
On Friday, about 600 Hamas supporters rallied at the border to demand it remain open. One large banner read: "Egypt and Palestine are one people, not two." A protester shouted, "Keep the border open."
Egypt and Gaza are one in the same as Gaza was a piece of Egypt before 1967. From the time Israel was established, Egypt could have turned Gaza over to a Palestinian entity, but chose to keep it for themselves. They did not. They had the opportunity to take Gaza back in 1979, but refused.

Gazans are forsaken by everyone because they continue to make poor choices and in the process making enemies of everyone they come into contact with.

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