Thursday, January 03, 2008

Palestinian War Against Israel Continues

The Palestinian terrorists remain convinced that they can defeat Israel and take its land as its own. They must be disabused of that notion. That means that the Palestinians must be defeated - unconditionally.

The rocket war is proof positive that they think that Israel can be cowed into concessions even under persistent and consistent fire - 7.5 attacks per day, and yet Fatah and Hamas are still operating freely and openly.

No hudnas. No truces. No further assistance.

They must learn the lesson of defeat. They cannot be allowed to spin defeat as a great victory, which is how the Arabs spun 1967 and 1973 - both of which were tremendous defeats for the "great" Arab armies.

Had the Arab public known the truth about both those wars - that they were soundly defeated and that Israel was not going to be thrown into the seas, it is possible that there might indeed have been peace on grounds other than land for peace. It might have been peace for peace's sake - not the return of land to a group that had never existed prior to the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel.

Instead, we see that far from accepting a two-state solution, the Palestinians - including Fatah - want a Palestinian state supplanting Israel. That's not grounds for peace, but interminable war.

The terrorists launch rockets on a daily basis (and the situation could get much worse as the range of the rockets is increasing to put places like Ashkelon squarely in focus), and yet the media only focuses on Israel's response - which today included airstrikes that killed nine people - seven of whom were terrorists. The media focuses on the two civilians killed by the Israelis, ignoring the fact that the terrorists operate within civilian areas and use civilians as human shields to increase the body count. They play the media and the media willingly goes along with all this, because they do not approve of Israel defending itself against incessant attacks.

The various terrorist groups all seek Israel's destruction, and play the credit game - establishing new groups and spinoffs to insulate Hamas and Fatah from direct association with the attacks, even as Fatah and Hamas justify such attacks.

Israel's restraint is mistaken for weakness, and exploited by the terrorists so that it does indeed become a weakness. Israel has lost the capability to deter the terrorists, and the terrorists know this low intensity conflict favors them.

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