Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fences Make Good Neighbors: Hamas Doesn't Want Them

Hamas continues its efforts to completely obliterate internationally recognized borders - the border between Egypt and Gaza. Egyptian security forces continue to take casualties in skirmishes with Gazans who try to force their way into Egypt. Egypt is busy complaining about the ongoing violence at the border. Welcome to Israel's world. Now, multiply the violence tenfold and you begin to get the idea of what Israel has been dealing with.

The terrorists continue their rocket war with Israel, and thankfully no casualties were inflicted by the Palestinians in the attacks.

As I've predicted in the past, Egypt is now trying to push its own diplomatic efforts after watching the Saudis proffer their own last week. They want to mediate between Hamas and Fatah. The Palestinian civil war continues to simmer as both sides are unwilling and incapable of conceding on basic issues.

Jordanians rally in support of Gazans. Iran did the same thing last week. Well, considering that this is a manufactured crisis, and the media was a willing accomplice in this, what do you expect? The mullahs bring out their gullible followers and stage protests for even more media attention.

As for the United Nations, well, nothing new there. Libya blocked the latest diplomatic statement that would have condemned both Israel's withholding of gas and fuel to Gaza while deploring the incessant rocket attacks. Libya was holding out that the statement opposing the rocket attacks would be dropped.

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