Friday, October 26, 2007

Fort Dix Six Defendant To Enter Guilty Plea Next Week

KYW Newsradio is reporting that Agron Abdullahu of Collings Lakes, N.J. -- the Fort Dix Six defendant charged with illegally supplying weapons to five men who have been charged with plotting to kill soldiers at Fort Dix -- is expected to plead guilty next week.

The other five mencould spend life in prison if convicted of conspiring to murder the GIs, but Abdullahu faces a 10-year sentence for allegedly supplying weapons to three of the other defendants.

All six men are due in court next Tuesday.
The Fort Dix Six were indicted on multiple charges relating to planning a terrorist attack against the military installation at Fort Dix or other military bases on the East Coast.

The trial had been originally scheduled to begin in November, but it was delayed until January because of difficulties in translating materials.

Agron Abdullahu is facing the lightest of the sentences - providing weapons to illegal immigrants, which carries a 10 year prison sentence. The article omits the illegal alien aspect of this case, which is strange considering that it is the crux of the criminal case against Abdullahu.

The indictments against the six can be found here.

This plea deal may lead Abdullahu to flip on his co-defendants, which bodes poorly for the other five defendants. It also adds to the pressure on the other five to try and cut deals for themselves.

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