Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hizbullah Thugs Complain About Hariri Tribunal

Hizbullah doesn't like the fact that the UN is about to go after Hizbullah's benefactor Syria. They're claiming that the UN overstepped Lebanon's sovereign rights. That's pretty rich considering that Hizbullah has not only violated Lebanon's sovereignty by launching a war from South Lebanon against Israel last summer, but has refused to lay down all its arms pursuant to UN SCR 1559 and 1701, which reinforces Lebanon's sovereignty and that the Lebanese government is the sole authority to maintain military force in the country.
Hizbullah on Thursday denounced a UN decision to form an international tribunal in former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's assassination as a "violation" of Lebanese sovereignty.

"The resolution, as much as it constitutes a violation of the Lebanese state and an attack on its internal affairs, it is contrary to legal rules and the charters and principles of the United Nations and the objectives for which it was established to achieve," said a statement issued by the group.
Speaking of Syria, they condemn the UN action to form the tribunal as well. What a surprise.

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