Thursday, December 22, 2005

Seeing the Humor in Striking

The Man and Flip of Suitably Flip have put together a FAQ for those seeking answers on common strike related transit questions.

Here are a few additional pointers:
Q: I'm currently unemployed with no skills. Can I get
a job with the MTA?
A: Absolutely. Our cleaning staff starting salary is
$16 per hour. And you have the potential to become the
head of the TWU within a decade and bring the city to
its knees. Rags to riches we say.

Q: I'm coming to NYC for the first time. Should I do
anything special while I'm here?
A: NYC is always open, strike or no strike. However,
we urge you to keep close eye on your personal
belongings as striking union workers will be looking
to pinch your wallet to make up for their lost

Q: I purchased a Metrocard and wonder whether I'll be
able to get my money's worth or refunds because of the
A: No New Yorker has ever gotten their money's worth
from a Metrocard. It is an urban legend that someone
got their money's worth from a Metrocard and you're
advised to call 311 if you think someone has gotten
their money's worth.

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