Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Al Franken IS A Big Idiot

Al Franken finally screwed with the wrong guy. Actually, he screwed with the wrong gal. Mrs. Lawhawk. Mrs. Lawhawk was minding her own business walking down the street when Mr. Franken not only stepped in front of her, but did so with extreme prejudice. Seems that Al was having transportation issues; namely putting one foot in front of the other without making sure that someone else wasn't occupying the same space. That other foot belonged to Mrs. Lawhawk.

Now, Al muttered a half assed apology before finally hailing a cab.

The Mrs. is okay. She not only got a laugh out of it but gets to say she rubbed 'shoulders' with someone 'in'famous.

I know differently. She had a close encounter of the Frankenstein.

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